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North Georgians Lack Dental Care

A survey recently came out showing that approximately 1.5 millions Georgians do not have dental insurance. This makes the state the 3rd lowest in the entire US. This leads to urgent care facilities and emergency rooms becoming revolving doors when these individuals have severe pain due to lack of preventative dental care.

Increasingly, the ability to perform basic functions such as eating, speaking, sleeping without pain, and even smiling is denied adults in North Georgia —all of whom disproportionately suffer from dental diseases and oral conditions and cannot afford dental care. In addition, patients who visit emergency rooms to treat dental conditions cost taxpayers, hospitals, and the government over $2 billion a year.

That's Why We Started Highlands Christian Dental

A group of compassionate individuals formed Highlands Christian Dental to help with the oral health disparity in our community and state to provide low cost, affordable dental care. However, the core mission for this dental care team is to provide outstanding quality care.

Highlands Christian Dental launched clinical activities in the second quarter 2021 amidst the pandemic and finished the year seeing over 1200 patients (89% at or below the federal poverty level), performing just under 4000 procedures, and providing a private practice equivalent service value of $356,472.

We know that healthy mouths play a large role in healthy bodies and patient quality of life. We want to restore quality of life to allow our patients not to have to select off a menu what they can eat based on their teeth. We want to restore dignity and confidence to our patients, and we are always ready to help heal those in need to offer yourNEWsmile.

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