Our Vision

Everyone Deserves to Smile.


OUR GOAL is to create a destination for need-based patients in the North Georgia community for excellent, affordable dental care in an environment of Christ centered compassion.  Highlands Christian Dental Center will cornerstone a 501(c)3 charitable foundation intended to provide life transformation opportunities through the care of patients with the generosity of skilled health care professionals as well as community and industry support.  

We provide basic to advanced and specialty adult care through expert clinicians with an excess of 150 years of combined experience.  Each clinician provides their time through the generosity of their heart and through a love of Jesus to serve the community

A 2017  needs assessment identified the following top health disparities impacting the North Georgia community in order:

  1. Obesity/diabetes


  3. Cardiovascular health

  4. Mental health


Simone Lemoniere
Executive Director, Mentor