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Our foremost goal is to create a destination for need-based patients in the North Georgia community for excellent, affordable dental care. Highlands Christian Dental is a 501(c)3 Christ-centered charitable foundation to improve oral health, provide life transformation and expand Highlands Church's ministries. The impetus for this Dental Center was the 2017 Northside Hospital health needs assessment that identified unmet dental care the second greatest need in North Georgia.

We launched this clinic in April 2021 amidst the COVID pandemic offering adult general and specialty care with a stellar team collectively having over 200 years of experience. We stand ready help heal those in need and offer yourNEWsmile.


Dr.  Cibirka

Our Founder

Launched April 2021

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Offering Hope

A staggering disparity in oral health for North Georgians

Increasingly, the ability to perform basic functions such as eating, speaking, sleeping without pain, and even smiling is denied adults in North Georgia —all of whom disproportionately suffer from dental diseases and oral conditions and cannot afford dental care. In addition, patients who visit emergency rooms to treat dental conditions cost taxpayers, hospitals, and the government over $2 billion a year.

89% of all patients treated were at the Federal poverty line

1.47 million Georgians without dental insurance. 3rd highest in USA

Image by Jonathan Borba


Statistically significant unmet dental care needs coupled with the impact of the pandemic, has left unprecedented North Georgians in pain, with diminished quality of life, and at increased risk for systemic health complications. This is our mission: To provide outstanding oral care and transform lives.

Total value of services $356,472

Total patients treated 1233

Total procedures  3,982

Total value of accepted treatment
for 2022 =

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