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Are you having trouble finding dental care that is genuinely affordable? While many offices suggest being affordable, Highlands Christian Dental is a non-profit comprehensive care provider which operates according to a sliding fee scale based on your income. Being a non- profit and having the staff as predominantly volunteers, we can truly provide affordable dental care. We have specialty care combined with general dental treatment from our team with nearly 200 years of clinical experience.


Our vision is to provide outstanding oral health care and transform lives. Highlands Christian Dental's goal is to provide a destination for need-based patients in the North Georgia community and provide excellent, affordable dental care in a compassionate environment. In addition, we hope to support the people in the community with limited means, without dental insurance, and those who cannot find care in a traditional office setting. We treat all patients in the same manner as our private practice patients.

We believe that being pain-free, having good oral health, smiling, and eating is essential. Our primary goal and mission are to improve the quality of life at a highly affordable cost. We want our patients to comfortably enjoy life without tooth pain, confidently smile in public, and freely make decisions from a menu related to their chewing ability.

A vital aspect of good oral health is its undeniable and medically supported link to systemic or general body health. Conversely, poor oral health is distinctly linked to many systemic diseases either directly or due to a depleted immune system.

Please allow our compassionate and affordable oral health care program to transform your life and create your new smile with excellence!

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